The New Canaan Society (NCS) is a gathering of men who want to experience life-changing relationships with each other under the umbrella of a friendship with Jesus. NCS is not a church group, a bible study, an accountability group, a speaker forum or a men’s fellowship. It’s just men joined by the common desire to experience deep and lasting friendships, with each other and with Jesus. Click here to learn more about NCS.

NCS Manchester Vermont (aka Green Mountain Boys) is a local chapter of this national organization. We meet every other Friday morning (6:30) for coffee, eats, fellowship and discussion. Specific meeting dates will be announced here and reminders are emailed a few days ahead of time. If you would like to be added to the email list please send a note to baldwarren at gmail dot com.

Upcoming meetings...

We meet every other Friday. Doors open 6:30 AM (starting @ 6:45). Please come hungry and thirsty.

- Mar 31
- April 14
- April 28
- May 12
- May 26
- June 9

and so on

Meeting location

Contact Us

  • Shawn Warren (baldwarren at gmail dot com)
  • Jamie Hastings (jhastings at merchantscounsel dot com)
  • Lou Midura (louworship at me dot com)

NCS Manchester, sometimes affectionately called the Green Mountain Boys, is alive!!

I thought I'd write this note just in case someone happens to visit this page, sees it full of old posts and assumes we've become dormant. Not so! We've been active since the last annual retreat in Hershey PA. What year was that? I've just not taken the time to post to this site. Does anyone still use Blog Spot? Maybe someday I'll start a Facebook page. Anyway, as you can see from the meeting dates above, we are still active. We meet every other Friday year long. We've been meeting regularly and rarely cancel a meeting, in fact, I don't recall ever canceling. Please see the contact info on the left to reach out to us. God Bless, Bald Warren (baldwarren at gmail dot com)